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    COLOURHIVE Printed Glass

    Anglo Eastern Glass is the Digital Ceramic Ink Printed Glass provider, for the first time in the South East Asia. We are ever prepared to collaborate with architects, designers and artists to bring your imagination or be it creation, into reality through COLOURHIVE whether it is commercial or residential project. So, COLOURHIVE is the name of the process of us printing digital ceramic ink on glass.

    Using COLOURHIVE we can print on glass full colour photography of FULL HD (1080p) quality, vector graphics, textures or art designs, any type of high quality image that can be imagined. As we are environment and human health conscious, we are proud to state that the digital ceramic ink used in our COLOURHIVE doesn’t contain any sort of lead or cadmium. The ink contains micro glass particles and inorganic pigments that produce the colour of the ink on glass. The ink is also designed in such a way so that it won’t lose its colour or degrade easily under normal weather circumstances.

    So whether it be single colour or multi-colour, it is possible to print them on glass through COLOURHIVE and even so LIFE LIKE printing is also possible.

    COLORHIVE offers a ready to print files for a wide range of patterns and images for use in glass printing projects. Any of the gorgeous images in our catalog can be printed directly in glass.

    COLOURHIVE Production Process

    Why Digital Ceramic Ink?

    Digital Ceramic Ink is the creation of collaboration between chemistry experts with qualified background and reputed world leading academic institutions. In short, it can be said that Digital Ceramic Ink is created by a group of people who know what they doing and recognized for that. Thus, Anglo Eastern Glass also takes pride in its COLOURHIVE which also uses the Digital Ceramic Ink.

    Digital Ceramic Ink created in such a way that it would get fused with the surface area of the glass during the tempering process, allowing the glass to be bended, laminated and even double glazed. Based on specification, functionalities such as solar control, light diffusion and light transmission can also be added on glass using digital ceramic ink during the printing process.  

    The durability and longevity of Digital Ceramic Ink satisfies all industry standards and is also environmental friendly while providing a wide range of vivid colour gamut. Industry Standards satisfied by Digital Ceramic Ink include Weathering Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alcohol Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Glass Blend Strength, Stain Resistance, Slip Resistance Surface and Durability of Laminated Glass.

     Digital Ceramic Ink is also compatible with the products used for lamination such as Kuraray TROSIFOL® PVB & SentryGlas®, tested with pummel test, bake test, boil test. The ink is also compatible with industry products used as adhesives and sealants such as SIKA’s Sikasil® and Dow Corning®

    Benefits of Digital Ceramic Ink

    • Increases the energy efficiency of a building via balancing the Light diffusion and Light transmission.
    • Provides highly flexible solar control functionality.
    • Limits the external reflection from buildings.
    • High durability and longevity.
    • Enhances the scratch resistance of glass.
    • Provides privacy through the usage of different patterns, special designs and effects.
    • Adds durable anti-slip properties to glass for glass floors and stairs.

    Test & Industry Standard

    Test Type Industry Standard
    Weathering Resistance ISO-11341 (ISO-16474)
    Acid Resistance ASTM C 724-91, ASTM 777-04
    Alcohol Resistance UNE-EN 15200
    Scratch Resistance AS 3894.4, EN 438-2, ISO 4586-2
    Glass Blend Strength BS EN 1288-5
    Stain Resistance UNE-EN 15200
    Slip Resistance Surface ASTM E 303, ANSI A137.1, EN1341
    Durability of Laminated Glass EN ISO 12543-4


    Compatibility with Industrial Products Supplier and Brand
    Lamination industry products – tested with pummel test, bake test, boil test Kuraray: TROSIFOL® PVB &SentryGlas®
    Adhesives and sealants industry products SIKA: Sikasil®, Dow Corning®


    Efficient Workflow

    COLOURHIVE the process of Anglo Eastern Glass to use Digital Ceramic Ink to print images on glass follows an efficient workflow just to make sure that the images that are printed on glass become a part of reality. No matter single colour, multi colour, pattern or life like images, they can be printed on glass via COLOURHIVE. Thus COLOURHIVE opens up a new realm of possibilities for creation and imagination to reach a new height never foreseen. Not to mention the Digital Ceramic Ink used in the COLOURHIVE process is the fruit of collaborative work between top class experts. Thus the ink has the capability to fuse with the glass during temper process creating photorealistic colour with lasting vibrancy while giving the glass higher degrees of quality, design and functional performance.

    Printed glass application

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