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Splashbacks are ideally suited in wash rooms, reception areas or behind the counter where they can reflect bottles and glasses, creating a contemporary, stylish look to impress visitors. They are available in a wide range of patterns, with the option of having the company name or logo printed on the glass to raise brand awareness.

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Bespoke Mirrors

Bespoke mirrors are usually fitted behind the counter or in the toilets to give the venue a unique, exclusive look.

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Table Tops

The low maintenance, wipe clean qualities of glass make it the perfect material for table tops and bar tops where spillages are a common occurrence.

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The versatility of balustrades means they can be fitted to the interior or exterior of the venue to take visitors to additional seating or a balcony/rooftop area. As a practical, stylish solution, balustrades can instantly improve comfort levels for guests which leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons!

Partition Walls

Partition walls provide a simple but stylish way of separating different areas inside the premises. Whether you want to improve privacy levels, create a lighter space or display your company name/logo, there are a variety of different types of glass available, including tinted, obscured, patterned and custom etched.

Glass shelving

The reflective surface on glass shelving highlights all-important furnishings and products on display inside restaurants, bars and cafes. Their low maintenance qualities mean they are easy to wipe clean using specialist glass cleaner and a cloth, and you can choose from standard, etched or frosted glass to suit your application.

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Secondary double glazing

Secondary glazing is an extra sheet of slimline glass fitted discreetly inside your existing window frame to thermally insulate and soundproof your property.

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