Experience the AEG difference in your Living Room with the range of products to suit one of the most important rooms in any house design.

Glass ornaments

From colourful art decor pieces, to timeless classics like glass vases, glass ornaments will always have pride of place in the living room

Coffee table tops

A glass coffee table is a contemporary piece of furniture that can be either translucent, patterned or etched, to suit your taste and style. FInd out more on our glass cutting page

Framed mirrors

Framed mirrors come in a range of shapes and styles, and can set the finishing touches to your room beautifully. We stock framed mirrors in our showroom

Internal glazing/partition walls

An internal glass partition wall gives you the flexibility to split a large open plan living area up into a separate kitchen or a dining room, for instance. The partition wall can be made from translucent, frosted or patterned glass, or even glass blocks– whatever suits your style

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