Creative minds all over the world are thinking outside the square to come up with alternative designs to make office spaces more efficient and enjoyable to work in

Glass doors/internal partition glazing

Glass doors and partitioning are effective ways of creating separate work areas within an office, whilst adding a touch of elegance and light. For added privacy, the glass can be part or fully obscured to suit your needs.

Bespoke mirrors in bathroom

From made-to-measure mirrors for vanity units to wall mounted full length mirrors, bespoke mirrors can be cut to size depending on where they will be fitted in the bathroom.

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With the option of incorporating a handrail, a balustrade improves safety within split level offices which have mezzanine floors or balconies. The timeless elegance of a glass balustrade allows light to filter into the room below, creating the feel of a more open space

Splashbacks or upstands

An office kitchen is a high traffic area prone to stains from splatters of food and drink. Glass splashbacks or upstands will protect kitchen walls against any splashes or spills, and are easy to wipe clean should they become marked.

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Wardrobe door glass for sliding door storage provides a practical space saving solution whilst creating a lighter, modern look in your office

Glass shelving

Whether you need a place to keep books or display products to visitors, glass shelving provides an unobtrusive storage solution. Its reflective surface is a great way of highlighting those all-important finishing touches to office decor, as well as being easy to wipe clean

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Secondary double glazing

A warm, quiet office can improve motivation and productivity levels amongst staff. Secondary double glazing will help to reduce unwanted outside noise and keeps the property warm without the need to replace your existing windows.



Glass tops

Fitting a glossy glass top on your reception desk will achieve a sleek, stylish look guaranteed to make a positive impression on your clients and visitors as they are greeted to your office.

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