Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Our state of the art machineries and production facility have enabled us to deliver our customers with excellent quality glass products on timely manner. The technical expertise we hold have enabled us to engage in several residential and commercial projects while collaborating with our partners. We have provided glass and engaged in commercial projects not only locally abut also nationally. Our management team oversees the supply and logistics themselves just to make sure that customers’ needs are met and served in time. Heavily investing in new technologies and staff development, Anglo Eastern Glass always strives to achieve customer satisfaction and if possible exceed their perceived needs. Also by collaborating with our partners on continuous basis, whether it be residential and commercial project, we aim to provide utmost quality in our work, products and services.

Our production facility of 5000 sqm was completed in 2015 and now it houses state of the art machineries and equipment,

  • Gapless top convection tempering furnaces.
  • Four axis glass CNC (1ST in Bangladesh).
  • Double edging machine.
  • Straight Line glass edging machine.
  • Automatic drilling, polishing and milling machines.
  • Automatic glass washing machines.
  • And last but not the least, the crown jewel of Anglo Eastern Glass, is the Digital Ceramic Glass Printer (1st in South East Asia).

Glass Design Consultation: The specialists in Anglo Eastern Glass are well versed in their glass designing knowledge. From the very beginning of the project we are capable of collaborating with any group of architects and engineers to bring forth your desired glass design into fruition, while maintaining specific design conditions of the project. We strive to provide innovative solution to your needs and desires regarding glass design until we see the satisfaction in your expression.

Glass Installation Services:  Anglo Eastern Glass has a designated set of experts who work with a dedicated heart and determined mind, collaborating with our partners and other fabricators and builders, to provide glass installation services to our customers. With aim of fulfilling the customers’ desired needs, we are capable of providing a wide range of residential and commercial installation services.

Our Technology: Anglo Eastern Glass, from very inception has heavily invested on technology. We believe that to provide our customers with top quality glass products, state of the art machineries and equipment are a must. Technological advancements enable us to derive better utility. In case of glass processing, new technologies are that much important. That is why, we can proudly say that we have state of the art tempering furnace, clean and precise glass cutting machine, precision four axis glass CNC machine (1st time in Bangladesh) and first time in South East Asia, Digital Ceramic Glass Printing Machine and many others.

Glass Cutting Machine: Our glass cutting machine was purchased from Europe which is state of the art European technology in itself. It can cut out fine quality glass shapes from a glass sheet without causing any friction or damage to the glass quality. Also our glass cutting machine is computerized and has detection sensors to image process the measurements input by operator. Below are some specifications to consider,

  • Diamond edge glass cutting system with 100% precise cutting
  • Detection sensors for glass axis measurements and stabilization
  • Capability to cut any shape and line out of a flat glass
  • Torsion and vibration free guide and drive unit
  • Template scanning
  • Automatic edge deletion
  • Can cut 2.3mm to 19mm thickness of glass
  • Maximum bed size 3700 x 2600 mm
  • Cutting speed 140m/min

Glass CNC Machine: Our glass CNC machine is also from Europe just as our glass cutting machine. But the glass CNC machine is unique in a sense that it is the latest technology in its generation and has the capability to carry out complex activities with breeze. It is the first of its kind as a glass CNC machine in Bangladesh and can perform tasks which are impossible via manual and other normal methods. The specifications of our glass CNC machine are given below,

  • Can cut any type of shape and profile from a sheet of glass
  • Bed size 4060 x 2300 mm
  • Four axis (X,Y,Z,C) for operation
  • 360 degree C axis stroke
  • Maximum axis speed X:Y:Z = 60:30:15 m/min
  • Peripheral polished edging
  • Shaped polished engraving
  • Drilling from the top
  • Top half-bowls processing
  • Milling and surface writing
  • Peripheral polished edging
  • Cup wheel grinding and polishing
  • In Glass design by cutting with saw blade
  • Drilling from underneath
  • Engraving, straight and shaped lateral writing

Glass Tempering Furnace: Our gapless top convection glass tempering furnace is the top of its generation both in technological and build quality aspects. It can temper all types and thickness of glass with great efficiency while maintaining high quality. We will let the specifications of our furnace talk for itself,

  • Can temper from 4mm up to 19 mm
  • Can temper Low-e glass with ease.
  • Has a bed capacity of 2400mmX4200mm
  • Can temper 800 sft per hour
  • Intelligent temper control system
  • Precise control of all heating units provides top notch quality
  • Anti-deformation ceramic transition rollers at entry and exit doors
  • Prevents deformation with cold-drawing quench rollers
  • Ensures even quenching with staggered arrangement of each 8 row blowing nozzles
  • Almost no optical distortion in glass
  • Minimized iridescence defect
  • Can temper all types of glass for architectural, furniture, household appliances, automotive glass and other usage purposes

Digital Ceramic Glass Printer: We of Anglo Eastern Glass proudly represent to you the crown jewel, the Digital Ceramic Glass Printing. It is the first glass printing machine in the entire South East Asia. It’s a technology like no other, allowing you to print you desired images, pictures and artistic creations glass just like normal color printers print images on paper. Only in this case the digital ceramic glass printer can print any type of images from simple black and white to multicolored and even lifelike printing on glass. We have the top its class digital ceramic glass printing technology and thus gone are the days when you had to put printed stickers on glass and had to wait for the glue on the stickers to dry up. Below we provide you the specifications of our printers,

  • Full HD 1080p resolution with vivid colors
  • Bed size of 4000mm x 2400mm
  • Minimum glass size 300mm x 300mm
  • Glass thickness 2mm to 19mm
  • Superior jetting power up to 150 MDPS (Million Drops Per Second)
  • Variable drop size providing high image quality
  • High quality sensors to detect and control the movements of glass and print on it
  • Advanced technology of the ink head provides smooth and consistent printing
  • Thermal drop fixation provides high quality and efficiency
  • Single color printing up to 115 sqm/hr
  • Multicolor printing up to 70 sqm/hr
  • Lifelike or Photorealistic printing up to 35 sqm/hr
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