Why Digital Ceramic Ink?

Why Digital Ceramic Ink?

Digital Ceramic Ink is the creation of collaboration between chemistry experts with qualified background and reputed world leading academic institutions. In short, it can be said that Digital Ceramic Ink is created by a group of people who know what they doing and recognized for that. Thus, Anglo Eastern Glass also takes pride in its COLOURHIVE which also uses the Digital Ceramic Ink.

Digital Ceramic Ink created in such a way that it would get fused with the surface area of the glass during the tempering process, allowing the glass to be bended, laminated and even double glazed. Based on specification, functionalities such as solar control, light diffusion and light transmission can also be added on glass using digital ceramic ink during the printing process.  

The durability and longevity of Digital Ceramic Ink satisfies all industry standards and is also environmental friendly while providing a wide range of vivid colour gamut. Industry Standards satisfied by Digital Ceramic Ink include Weathering Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alcohol Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Glass Blend Strength, Stain Resistance, Slip Resistance Surface and Durability of Laminated Glass.

 Digital Ceramic Ink is also compatible with the products used for lamination such as Kuraray TROSIFOL® PVB & SentryGlas®, tested with pummel test, bake test, boil test. The ink is also compatible with industry products used as adhesives and sealants such as SIKA’s Sikasil® and Dow Corning®

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